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coconut raisin roll

About Us

Founded 1986, Taiwan!

Sunmerry started in Japan and was brought to Taiwan in 1986. With the Japanese baking techniques, and the local Taiwan flavors, Sunmerry Bakery has become a house hold name in Taipei. Being a family company, the growth we make are measures by our products and our customers and not the number of stores or sales. We take pride in our baking expertise and our ability to come up with new products that match the local flavors, and these are what we hope to bring to the US market.

Sunmerry Bakery founded 1986, Taiwan

From the Press:



TV Show, This is LA

“You have to check out this bakery, so many choices!




“Fluffy rainbow roll! This Taiwanese bakery makes the fluffiest rainbow rolls.”


“There is a pleasant subtle saltiness to the cheese tea that’s unexpected. After a few sips, the drink may remind you of a cheesecake but in liquid form. Yeah, weird but quite good.”

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